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Scalable charging solutions for E-Bus fleets start here

With the highest charging efficiency in the industry, we ensure your e-bus fleets are on the move doing what they do best.

The complete charging solution

Our rapid chargers provide up to 67% faster charging speeds than any other provider, keeping your fleet on schedule. And you are supported by our 24-hour service and maintenance​.

Overview of Heliox charging solution

Future-proof your e-bus fleet charging

Keep your e-bus fleets on the move with our reliable rapid chargers. From mobile DC chargers to depot charging and ultra-fast opportunity charging. We have your fleets covered.

Overview of Heliox charging solution

Sign up to the most compatible chargers in the industry

No matter your e-bus design, battery size or charging needs, our rapid chargers are compatible with a huge range of electric busses, so let us get working on your tailored quote today.

Overview of Heliox charging solution

Offer your customers the best charging experience there is

With customer habits changing every year, it’s important your business can offer the safest, fastest, most reliable and easily upgradable charging experience there is.

Overview of Heliox charging solution

Choose an easy-to-upgrade modular charging solution for your city

Dynamic cities require dynamic infrastructure. We offer flexible and fixed rapid chargers for your city's e-bus fleets. Reduce harmful greenhouse emissions and hit targets with Heliox today.

Overview of Heliox charging solution
You’re in good company
E-Bus charing at Heliox charging station

Keep your E-Bus fleet on the move


97% charge efficiency. We’re the highest in the industry.

Charging Speeds

Charges up to 67% faster than any other e-mobility provider.


You are supported by our 24-hour service and maintenance​.

Proven track record for delivering
Years experience with E-Bus charging
E-Bus Partners
E-busses in Amsterdam - the world’s largest fully operational depot with 31MW of charging power.

Installation & support

Large-scale expertise

Heliox understands the challenges of charging large fleets. In 2018 we implemented the world’s largest bus opportunity and depot charging network at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the Netherlands.

24/7 Customer support

We’re on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case you have any questions. Our Charger Care Service ensures your charging system is kept running at the highest uptime in the industry.

Charger care & maintenance

We’re with you long after installation. Heliox’s Service Level Agreement provides access to proactive maintenance, maintenance notifications and technical fixes by our expert team.

Connected services

Each Heliox Charger has a 24/7 remote monitoring connection, which together with the local Charge Point Operator ensure your charging efficiency is optimized.

Customer Roadmap

See what your journey with Heliox will look like from start to finish and beyond.

Request for quotation

Answer a few simple questions about your business’ charging needs to start your journey with Heliox.

Request Pricing
Site visit & tailored quotation

We conduct a site visit to understand the specifics of your request and send a tailored quotation to cover every aspect of your project.

Agreement between parties

Any questions on scope and planning can be answered by our Sales, Operations and Installation teams before an agreement is made.

Ordering and assembly

On average this takes around 6 weeks depending on the size and scope of the agreement.

Operations start

On-site implementation begins for your project including delivery, installation, commissioning, testing, training and the start of operations. Service and maintenance are always on hand if any issues arise thereafter.